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Many homeowners find their outdoor lighting systems in need of repairs. Whether it be a pesky light that wont turn on even after a bulb change, or a much needed upgrade to a fuse or other component – we can help. Our licensed and professional staff helps to idenitfy and repair issues with your system, all in a timley manner and at an affordable price. Check out our work below, and if you want a quote give us a call or send us a message!

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What Is The Repair Process?

The goal of our Preventative Maintenance Program is to take the worry and hassle out of thinking about your landscape lighting system and keep your system looking fresh and brand new. During each visit, our trained technicians will complete an in-depth check-list of items to ensure that everything is working properly.

1. Inspect and clean all fixtures and lenses

2. Check positioning of each fixture and make adjustments where needed

3. Trim back plant material and clean landscape debris around fixtures

4. Bury exposed wire if needed

5. Inspect transformers, automatic timer settings, photocells and/or Lutrons make adjustments when needed

6. Check voltage at the receptacle, transformer and each fixture

At Carolina Outdoor Lighting we warrant our work 100%. Our work includes the actual installation of your lighting system. Any malfunction to your system due to craftsmanship or which could have been prevented is covered 100%. For example, your transformer falls due to improper installation or a light is not properly connected and burns out. During a service call, if we find that the malfunction could have been prevented, there will be no charge at all.

We do not warrant malfunctions to your system which we can not control. For example, a fixture or bulb breaks due to lawn care and maintenance, wire exposed due to changing landscape, moving / adjusting lights due to growing plant material, bulbs burning out due to lightning or an animal chewing through wire. For these visits, we will charge a $65.00 service call plus labor and materials used to complete repairs.

Work which is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, such as bulbs or fixtures failing are subject to a $65.00 service call. No labor or materials will be charged. Bulbs hold a 5 year warranty and our fixtures hold a lifetime warranty. We do offer a Preventative Maintenance Program which includes discounted service calls, 2-4 visits a year for general maintenance of your system: cleaning bulbs and fixtures, adjusting lights for growing plant material and reburying exposed wire. This program takes the worry out of maintaining your system and keeps it looking fresh.

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