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Transform your backyard or outdoor space with brilliant and energy efficient lighting.

Patio and Outdoor Lighting in Asvheville, NC

Your home is where you spend your life, and it should bring you joy and relaxation when you come home. One of the best investments you can make in your home is to create an outdoor space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. Outdoor lighting for your home, patio or lawn not only provides enjoyment and serenity, but added security too.

If you are looking for a reliable contractor in Asheville and surrounding areas for outdoor lighting or patio lighting, Carolina Outdoor Lighting is the best choice. With years of experience, amazing customer reviews and a full portfolio of successful installations, we can help make any dream a reality.

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Landscape Lighting Design Services

Not only are we a premier installer of outdoor lighting, but we also can help you design a plan for lighting your outdoor space. Our professional and courteous staff will come to your home and review your outdoor space, ask questions about what it is you want and need, and then go to the drawing board to produce a detailed and beautiful plan suited to your needs. 

What is our process?

When looking at a new design we have a few steps we follow to get the perfect lighting paired to an outdoor space:

1. First we walk the grounds and try to find focal points to highlight. Is there a stoic old tree that is particularly beautiful? Do you have a pathway or shrub line that is perfect to highlight? Do you have a patio that would be perfect for border lights? Our goal is to add lighting elements that highlight and accentuate your existing space to increase fincationality and beauty. 

2. Our next step is to make sketchs and diagrams and to formulate a plan. This is the part of the process where we put our ideas on paper, develop a formal initial estimate and begin discussing timelines and process. 

3. The next part of the process is choosing fixtures and materials. This all depends on the applciations, budget and preference of the client. There is also the matter of installing wiring around the area, and there will be a choice between 12V and 120V – 12V is much more common but 120V is used for certain applications. 

4. Fixture spacing is the next phase, and this is where we determine exactly how may fixtures we will need and where they will all be exactly. This takes our plans and diagrams and finalizes the locations of each fixture. 

5. Finally we will install the system and bring the plan to life. This may include installing a transformer (or multiple), running wires, installing fixtures and testing the system. 

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We are so happy with the experience we had with this company as well as the final result! They were very professional, very friendly and easy to work with throughout the process. They had great ideas and executed them perfectly. I will use Carolina outdoor lighting again! My property looks so beautiful now!”


Past Customer

At Carolina Outdoor Lighting we warrant our work 100%. Our work includes the actual installation of your lighting system. Any malfunction to your system due to craftsmanship or which could have been prevented is covered 100%. For example, your transformer falls due to improper installation or a light is not properly connected and burns out. During a service call, if we find that the malfunction could have been prevented, there will be no charge at all.

We do not warrant malfunctions to your system which we can not control. For example, a fixture or bulb breaks due to lawn care and maintenance, wire exposed due to changing landscape, moving / adjusting lights due to growing plant material, bulbs burning out due to lightning or an animal chewing through wire. For these visits, we will charge a $65.00 service call plus labor and materials used to complete repairs.

Work which is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, such as bulbs or fixtures failing are subject to a $65.00 service call. No labor or materials will be charged. Bulbs hold a 5 year warranty and our fixtures hold a lifetime warranty. We do offer a Preventative Maintenance Program which includes discounted service calls, 2-4 visits a year for general maintenance of your system: cleaning bulbs and fixtures, adjusting lights for growing plant material and reburying exposed wire. This program takes the worry out of maintaining your system and keeps it looking fresh.

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Please leave a phone number where you can be reached

Phone: 828-280-7047
Email: [email protected]