Custom Landscape Lighting Installation In Asheville, NC

Transform your backyard or outdoor space with brilliant and energy efficient lighting.

The Benefits Of Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

Creating beautiful outdoor lighting does not have to add to your residential energy bills. At Carolina Outdoor Lighting LLC, we specialize in low voltage landscape lighting systems that consume less energy than traditional outdoor lighting options. These lights are also very long lasting, with up to 50,000 hours of beautiful light. We only sell and install commercial quality lights with warranties of five years or more, making our garden lighting a cost-effective option for any outdoor lighting project in and around Asheville, NC.

Landscape Lighting Ideas

Our garden lighting service starts with understanding your goals for the system. Most homeowners are interested in highlighting specific features in their yard, adding to the ambiance of the area. Landscape uplighting is a perfect option to direct soft lighting from the ground into trees, onto hedges, or to accentuate the style and features of waterfalls, fountains, or even the exterior of the home.

Backyard lights to illuminate pathways are both beautiful as well as a simple and effective safety feature. These lights can be low to the ground or positioned at a mid-level height, creating pools of light along the pathways or borders of the property. Using different types of garden lighting allows our team to customize the various areas of the back and front yard to perfectly suit your landscaping and the architectural style of your residence.

When you want to work with the expertise in landscape lighting near me in Asheville, NC, call on the team at Carolina Outdoor Lighting, LLC.

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