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Your deck and patio is a retreat for you and your family, and witht he right lighting it can be transformed into a gorgeous nighttime oasis. With pathway lights, deck lights, patio lights, flood lights and more we can make sure you can set exactly the right mood in your outdoor space.

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Benefits of Lighting Your Deck

1. Lights allow you to use your deck more. If your deck or patio is unlit your are missing out on hours and hours of valuable time spent in the beautiful weather! There are few times more enjoyable than a beautiful evening spent on your deck or patio relaxing with your family or friends and enjoying the night sky. Lights help you get more value out of a deck or patio. 

2. Deck lights make your home more safe. Unfortunately there are nefarious characters in the world who will invade other people’s space and homes. Having proper lighting on your deck can help keep invaders away and keep your home and family safe. 

3. Deck lights can prevent accidents. An unlit deck can be a major cause of injury if you try to walk in the dark. Whether you are letting the dog out, picking up kid’s toys or simply getting some fresh air, walking around your unlit deck can be dangerous and you could fall. 

Deck Lighting Types

Down Lights

Down lights are used extensively for decks and patios for overhead light. These are great for creating a well lit overall space and are going to be the workhorse for deck lighting. 

Recessed Stair Lights

One of the most dangerous parts of an unlight deck is the stairs. It is easy to trip and fall if they are not well lit, which is where recessed stair lights come in. These are attractive and sleek and create a well lit staircase while keeping the lights hidden on th eback of each step. 

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