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What is our mission? 

Carolina Outdoor Lighting is a family owned and run company. Owners, Jason Warren and Maja Potocki have been living in the Asheville area for over 2 decades. At Carolina Outdoor Lighting our goal is to help residence expand their outdoor living areas into the evening hours by highlighting beautiful landscape features which would go unnoticed once the sun goes down. Landscape lighting is not only for beauty and charm but also for safety and security from intruders and wildlife. It also allows for safe passage to and from the home.

We all live in the beautiful Appalachian mountains and more than likely love the outdoors. Landscape lighting tends to bring people outdoors more often. Many people invest in a beautiful landscape which is only enjoyed for a few hours out of the day. Imagine a landscape which is enjoyed in the evening and at night as well. We specialize in design, installation and long term maintenance of our commercial grade low voltage lighting systems.

Jason, Owner of Carolina Outdoor Lighting, had been doing landscaping in the Asheville area for 20+ years. He loves designing and installing landscapes, seeing the progress from a dull yard to a yard full of native plants with a variety of colors and textures. However, something was missing. He wanted his landscapes to be enjoyed not only during the day, but also at night. Some of his customers installed spot lights and solar lights along paths which were not advantageously showcasing his designs. So, he went on the hunt for a landscape lighting company which specialized in showcasing elaborate landscapes and beautiful architecture.

He found a few landscapers who also do lighting but we wanted more than that. We wanted a company that focuses on design, uses top of the line fixtures and pays attention to detail. We couldn’t find that company, so we became that company. To our surprise, we found a great contact in Florida, which was recently voted as the top outdoor lighting equipment distributor in the country. This company trained us on ‘everything about landscape lighting’. We drove down to Florida with a basic knowledge in lighting and came back to Asheville as experts. We hit the ground running and we haven’t looked back.

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