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At Carolina Outdoor Lighting we truly care about our final product and only consider the job completed when the customer is 100% satisfied. We work with our clients to illuminate their outdoor living space, and specialize in energy efficient outdoor lighting solutions.  We always have our clients best interest in mind and offer the best deals while never cutting corners. We only use commercial grade fixtures and bulbs and top of the line moisture resistant connections. We specialize in a variety of lighting applications including:

  •  New residential and commercial installations
  • Troubleshooting and updating old systems
  • Music venues
  • Wedding venues
  • Temporary party installations 
  • And much more…

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What Our Clients Are Saying


“The crew at Carolina Outdoor Lighting turned my dreary front and back yards into a palace. I am constantly receiving compliments on the great job they did in lighting trees, walkways and hedges. Very clean and professional and checked in with me often to be sure I was satisfied.”


“Outdoor Lighting provides excellent products and services. They accommodated our needs perfectly and were great to work with, always available to answer any questions that arose. I will definitely be using them again and would highly recommend.”


“We are so happy with the experience we had with this company as well as the final result! They were very professional, very friendly and easy to work with throughout the process. They had great ideas and executed them perfectly. I will use Carolina outdoor lighting again! My property looks so beautiful now!”


“Our sign lights had been knocked out by mowers and Carolina Outdoor Lighting presented us with a good solution. Their work was excellent and on time. Their price was well below other competitive bids. We would recommend Carolina Outdoor Lighting to anyone considering a lighting project.”


We are a small family owned company who have been in the green industry for many years. However, we decided to concentrate our efforts on lighting. We specialize in landscape and architectural lighting design, installation and maintenance in Asheville, NC and surrounding areas such as Hendersonville, Weaverville, Biltmore Forest, Marion and beyond. We are a full service low voltage lighting company and we pride ourselves on installing top of the line commercial grade fixtures, LED bulbs and 100% guaranteed, water resistant wire connections.

If you have an outdoor lighting project, call in the experts and let us make your dream a reality. 

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By installing an outdoor lighting system you will notice many benefits. Lighting systems provide better home security by lighting up the perimeter of your home and discouraging intruders. Illuminated pathways will increase visibility for you and your guests to safely enjoy your landscape while entertaining or during everyday use. Lighting systems are a beautiful way to enjoy what is lost at night and will increase the value of your home. Our 12-Volt lighting systems are very economical and will save money on electricity compared to the 120 – volt equivalent.

Benefits of a lighting system:

  • Safety and security
  • Expand the living space
  • Curb appeal
  • Beauty and Charm

Security is a key reason homeowners in Asheville, Hendersonville and beyond trust Carolina Outdoor Lighting to install and maintain landscape and outdoor lighting systems. Would be intruders or burglars are far less likely to attempt entry to a home with automated lights or permanently illuminated lights, and darkened homes with no lighting are more attractive to nefarious characters.


We at Carolina Outdoor Lighting strongly suggest ongoing maintenance of your lighting system. Ongoing maintenance is the most efficient way to ensure that your system is working to its 100% potential. Even the best installations require routine upkeep. Our maintenance contracts are the most affordable way of protecting your lighting investment. During every maintenance visit, we will complete a check-list of items to ensure all elements of your system are working to the highest potential.


  • Checking connections and normal wear and tear of your fixtures and wiring
  • Cutting back any foliage growth which may be altering the effect or spread of your lights
  • Cleaning all fixture lenses and re-positioning if needed
  • Inspecting transformers and timers – daylight saving settings
  • Re-bury exposed wire if needed

What Types of Lights Are Used For Landscape Lighting?


step lights
Step lights are designed not only for aesthetic purposes but also for safety by clearly illuminating the steps to your living space.


area lights
Area lighting is used in the middle of flower beds and also to illuminate pathways.


down lights
Down lights can be used to create moon lighting when installed in trees and to emphasis architectural elements.


well lights
Well lights are used to enhance architectural elements by grazing and installed at the base of trees to illuminate.


Uplights can be used to accent trees, large shrubs and architecture, and can be extremely helpful for security.


Submersible fixtures are a great way to enhance water features within a landscape. Add a touch of class with outdoor underwater lighting installation in Asheville, NC.


There are several different ways to create a variety of effects for your landscape. Whether you like your house brightly lit or a subtle elegant look, we will work together to create the feel you desire. Remember that it may be more effective to use several fixtures focused on one area from multiple angles to create a softer emphasis than a single very bright fixture.

Using several different types of fixtures will create the lighting profile you desire, and our outdoor lighting experts help homeowners all over the Asheville area with lighting projects such as:


  • Step lights / Wall lights
  • Path lights
  • Area lights
  • Down lights
  • Moon lights
  • Up lights and Accent lights

Lighting effects we strive to achieve


  • Adding depth, details and texture
  • Graze architectural elements with up lights
  • Provide balance and symmetry
  • Emphasize horizontal and vertical elements

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WHY WE RECOMMEND LED (Light Emitting Diodes) LAMPS

Widespread use of LED lighting has the greatest potential impact on energy savings in the United States” -LED section on Energy Savings US Department of Energy, Energy.gov.

  • LED’s run much cooler than Halogens or Incandescents, creating a safer bulb.
  • They can last up to 50,000 hours—42 times longer than incandescent bulbs and 13 times longer than halogen bulbs being very economical
  • Although the initial installation cost of LED’s is higher than the traditional halogen, in the long term, you will save on bulb replacement.
  • Reduce energy consumption by at least 80%
  • LED’s now come in a wide variety of lumens
courtesy of Unique Lighting Systems

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